Newsletter February 2015

The Conlan School Course Guide

The Conlan School Course Guide demonstrates the broad range of study programmes we can offer you and your students. Through our ever growing network of contacts in the business and educational community, our aim is to provide experiences that will expand knowledge and increase confidence within the culture of Wales and the UK. We hope that during your time with us you and your students can progress personally and positively in every aspect of life!

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Elton John in Abergele: ticket free for you!
Abergele has many attractions – a bilingual close-knit community, near the sea and beautiful scenery but superstar spotting is not normally one of them! On Saturday June 6th Elton John will be playing in Colwyn Bay and it is rumoured he will be staying in Abergele at the Kinmel Manor Hotel. Come and join us for a great evening!
We do have availability for a school group this week and will buy the group organiser a ticket if you come!

Conlan Creates Real Employment Opportunities
Conlan School Abergele has a long standing relationship with several organisations in Italy providing work placements for students. The process begins with the organisation selecting motivated students with a good level of English. Then our Director of Studies works with the sending organisation and our local network of emplyers to match the student with the right placement.
Last year we were asked to select a placement for an unemployed student from Ghana but residing in Italy called Randy. Randy was interested in Business Administration as a career and was offered a placement with Conlan in the marketing department.
His work ethic and social skills were an enormous asset to the Company and Randy`s hard work and commitment resulted in an offer of a full time short term contract reporting to the Centre Manager at the end of his placement.
Unfortunately Randy found it difficult to secure additional employment in the UK at the end of his Conlan contract but immediately updated his CV with the additional work experience and references and applied for various roles when he returned to Italy.
Imagine our pride when we received this email from Randy last week:
“How are you? I hope everything is fine. Here at home things are ok. I've found a Web Marketing course in the wine-producing field. I like it, very interesting! The course will last till May. Next week I'm going to start a job. It is connected to the course and it will be in a winery. I'm looking forward to coming back one day. In the meantime, please take care and extend my greetings to all Conlan staff.”

Art and Technology
The beginning of February, for one week, saw the arrival of 30 lovely students from Bergamo who took part in our Art and Technology programme.
As part of their course students learned photography techniques and composition. They were then set a photo challenge in which they had to use their learning to produce artistic and well composed photos. The best photos were uploaded and displayed at the end and students talked about their pictures.
The programme also included a visit and workshop at The Tate and Walker art Gallery in Liverpool and Manchester Art Gallery with experienced gallery guides on the subject of Art and Technology, focusing on exhibits that utilise different kinds of technology like video, photography and other in their creation.
During their stay, students gained invaluable knowledge of the subject which we hope will contribute to their further development.

Video Lessons
The Internet has become essential both inside and outside the EFL classroom as teachers find suitable material for their students that is current, educational and enjoyable. We are all familiar with Youtube and podcasts and most EFL teachers have used this resources in classrooms at least a few times. They can be a valuable source of motivating material that stimulates discussion, highlights key language points or introduces new vocabulary.
One video website that many teachers may not have encountered is a site that uses films for language and it is this site that I wish to introduce to you.
It was started by Claudio Azevedo in Brazil and originally he created a site based around grammar points. If you needed to teach the Third Conditional, you would find it on the list of grammar points, click, and then the site would give you film clips with a complete lesson plan from which you could choose the most appropriate. There are usually animations for younger learners and more serious clips for adults. The clips are usually 2-5 minutes long.
Using film clips in this way gives a crucial “context” to the language. Suddenly, students can see how the language is actually used, rather than simply learning how to form grammatically correct sentences.
After the popularity of this site, Azevedo created a sister site based around themes such as “cinema” “dreams” or “reality shows.” Again, he provides a clip and multiple activities that save the teacher lots of time and provide a fantastic and fascinating lesson.
Be careful to choose an appropriate clip by watching it first, and then enjoy your students having fun whilst learning English!

Phrase of the month: "….and Bob’s your uncle!"
It is an ironic expression used to conclude a set of simple instructions for example. “Turn left at the end of the High Street and Bob’s your uncle, you’ll see the cathedral right in front of you.” Theories about the Origin: It has been suggested that the expression dates back to 1887 after the Conservative Prime Minister Robert (Bob) Cecil, appointed his nephew Arthur Balfour as Chief Secretary for Ireland.