Newsletter February 2016

The Conlan School Course Guide

The Conlan School Course Guide demonstrates the broad range of study programmes we can offer you and your students. Through our ever growing network of contacts in the business and educational community, our aim is to provide experiences that will expand knowledge and increase confidence within the culture of Wales and the UK. We hope that during your time with us you and your students can progress personally and positively in every aspect of life!

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Conlan CLIL Conference Report

Want to know the best way to teach? Ask your students!
Keen to find out the best ways students learn, staff at Christleton High School decided that the experts on this topic would be the students themselves. So they asked them!

Six students presented the findings from this survey to delegates of the Conlan CLIL and Teaching Excellence Conference 2015. This is what they said:
Why are we not stretched?
* When the teacher speaks for long periods of time.
* Copying work out of a text book.
* Just taking notes from the board.
* Simply reading sheets.
* Being forced to learn in ways that don’t work for us.
* When we finish some work we have nothing else to do.

There are no surprises in this list of reasons why students are not stretched in the classroom, but delegates wanted to know more about “being forced to learn in ways that don’t work for us”. Students at the school have assessed their own learning style, so they know how they learn best as well as the ways in which they struggle to learn. Students at the school also habitually reflect on their learning during class and feed this information back to their teachers. Such information enables the teacher to not only tailor their lessons to meet students’ preferred learning style as best they can, but also to know what the students have learned or have not. From here, teachers know whether they need to repeat topics and even to choose a different teaching model to ensure that all students have understood before moving onto new subject matters.

More to follow next month!

Group Visits in Chester
In January we welcomed the DeNadai group from Portogruaro in Italy whose programme focussed on visits to companies related to their field of study, agriculture, together with recreational visits.

The students had the chance to visit West Cheshire College together with a visit to a local pedagogical farm run by Huw Rolands. The group was followed closely by two of our work experience students who put together a blog of the week spent with the group – so if you want to see what it is really like on a programme with Colan – take a look.

One of the French students from this work experience programme is currently working on marketing the International Conservation and Commercial Breeding Symposium: Innovation, Challenges and Future Directions held in Chester from 8th -9th March 2016 which will share advances in animal breeding innovations and long-term breeding effects on fitness and sustainability in domesticated and non-domestic species.

Visit to Evadx Steel Fabricator

A group of Conlan students recently visited Evadx Steel Fabricators to have a tour of the factory and learn how the machinery works. Evadx is North Wales’ largest contractor for producing steel structures for the building industry and has recently invested in new advanced machinery that allows for incredible precision. This was of particular interest to the students in the group who are studying at a vocational school in France and will soon be looking at jobs and careers in engineering.

Staff demonstrated the machinery, spoke about it to the students and answered questions. The visit allowed the students to match their theoretical knowledge with what happens in a real factory by observing the process of production, understanding how the machines work and seeing the output. From a language point of view, the students were able to learn and use vocabulary to describe the process of production in English. By using new language which could so easily be seen in context, it proved an excellent way of absorbing the language and students were visibly confident in using new terms accurately both during and after the visit.
We would like to thank all involved in the visit for their warm welcome and care when taking the group around the factory.

If you would like to see Evadx’s newsletter item on the group’s visit, please follow this link:

February in Wales
13th to 26th February 2016 Millennium Stadium
February signals the beginning of the Six Nations Rugby Tournament. The Six Nations Championship is the oldest rugby championship in the world, dating back to 1882. Originally held between the four United Kingdom countries England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, France joined in 1910 and Italy joined in 2000. If in winning the Championship a team also wins all of their five matches, they are given the title of 'Grand Slam' winner. Avanti Galles !!!

21st February 2016 Rhyl 10 Mile Run
Rhyl – a short bus ride from our Abergele School – has been chosen to host the Welsh 10 mile road running championship.
Set in the seaside town on the North Wales coast, this flat, fast course is sure to be a hit with runners chasing their 10 mile personal best time.

Idiom of the Month
To hit the nail on the head

to say or do something exactly right - for example when you find precisely the reason why something happened

“he said that the team’s problem was a lack of confidence – and he’s right. He really hit the nail on the head.”