Newsletter March 2016

The Conlan School Course Guide

The Conlan School Course Guide demonstrates the broad range of study programmes we can offer you and your students. Through our ever growing network of contacts in the business and educational community, our aim is to provide experiences that will expand knowledge and increase confidence within the culture of Wales and the UK. We hope that during your time with us you and your students can progress personally and positively in every aspect of life!

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Events in Chester
A rich varied history and culture explains the diversity of Britain’s culinary traditions.
Britain’s been invaded by Romans; Vikings; Danes and Normans, as a great trading nation importation of food and spices has always played a big part in influencing the British diet.
With the Tudors, the increase in trade and the discovery of new lands cane sugar, cocoa and coffee imported from South America and spices and tea from the Far East.

And then there was the growth of the British Empire and all its colonies.
Amongst the nation’s top 10 favourite dishes you will find:
Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding with all the trimmings; Stake and Kidney Pie; The Full English Breakfast; Fish and Chips the good old “British” Curry and Spag Bol (Spaghetti al Ragu to you and I).
Over the Easter Bank Holiday, from 26th to 28th March Chester Racecourse is to host “The Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival” which features over 150 food and drink exhibitors, highlighting the best the county, region and country has to offer creating a wonderful culinary experience.
What better way to celebrate this aspect of British Lifestyle!


Giulio Natta Milano February 2016
Group Leader Feedback
We were pleased and honoured in February to receive Giulio Natta, a new group from Milan. This partnership was a direct result of our marketing trip last year when we met Daniella Chinetti for the first time and introduced her to the opportunities provided by Conlan.
Daniella requested a 14 day programme with Host Family accommodation for the students and bed and breakfast accommodation with evening meals for the Group Leaders. Yvonne Gregory our Director of Studies ensured that the programme consisted of English lessons in the morning and work experience in the afternoon for 33 Italian students. The programme also included 2 dining experiences and trips to Manchester, Liverpool and Chester adding to their cultural experience.
All the students received a comprehensive induction from Jeff Warren, our Centre Manager and a tour of Abergele ensuring that all health and safety issues were covered and that the students were aware of all local facilities.
The trip was a fantastic success and Daniella and her colleague, Anna Malpei, were complimentary with their feedback scoring the programme 100% for Group Management and attention to student welfare.
Would you like an opportunity to improve the employability and confidence of your students??

If you would please visit our website or contact for more information.

Challenging Students in the Classroom
Students from Christleton High School spoke to delegates of the CLIL and Teaching Excellence Conference 2015 about how they are best challenged in the classroom. They also talked about how they learn best.
One student explained that he finds that he learns best if the teacher provides visuals and allows time for group work in class while another student learns best when she discusses topics as a whole group. Delegates were surprised that students knew themselves so well and were intrigued by the idea of teachers getting students to reflect on their own learning as part of the classroom tasks. 

The survey of students also revealed the best ways to challenge pupils in the classroom:

How can we be challenged?
? Working beyond the syllabus.
? A mix of independent and group work.
? Flipped learning.
? Using our specialist method of learning.
? Progressive work.
? Research tasks.
? Teaching each other.
? Always having something to move onto.

Flipped learning struck a chord with delegates; many found it an interesting idea they may use in their own sessions. This pedagogical model is when the typical lecture and homework elements are reversed. So for example, short video lectures are viewed at home by the students before the class session while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects or discussions based on the video. Delegates also found that students enjoyed and learnt best from group work and were able to see this in action in many classrooms.

Fit as a Fiddle

Meaning: very fit and well, often used when talking about older people
Example: He’s 81 years old but he goes for a swim every day. He’s as fit as a fiddle.
Origin: A fiddle is another colloquial name for a violin. “Fit” is used to mean “suitable, fit for purpose” rather than “healthy” so the phrase would have originally meant “as suitable as a fiddle.”