Newsletter June 2016

The Conlan School Course Guide

The Conlan School Course Guide demonstrates the broad range of study programmes we can offer you and your students. Through our ever growing network of contacts in the business and educational community, our aim is to provide experiences that will expand knowledge and increase confidence within the culture of Wales and the UK. We hope that during your time with us you and your students can progress personally and positively in every aspect of life!

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Events in North Wales
At the end of July Llandudno is hosting its second Jazz festival, from 29th July 2016 – 31st July 2016. The event will be held at Bodafon Farm Park in Llandudno. Once again some of the cream of the jazz world will be coming to North Wales. Jazz enthusiasts and lovers of popular music alike will arrive in the seaside resort to enjoy three days and nights of extraordinary performances. Bodafon Farm Park's Lower Courtyard provides a secluded spot, ideal for a jazz festival Main Stage, and offering great views just outside the marquee.

The Denbigh Show is an outdoor traditional family event held in the beautiful historic market town of Denbigh on the 27th August. The Show offers a great variety of entertainment and brings together a whole host of local organisations in celebration of the best of the town. With live music throughout the day, workshops, arena events and static displays, pet show, horse events, classic cars and show favourites such as Punch and Judy, you’ll have no trouble filling your day.

There are also a wide range of sporting events, from triathlons, to marathons, to sailing championships happening all over North Wales. If you’re interested in taking part in, or watching any of the events listed in our newsletter as part of your programme, let us know and we’ll do our best to arrange this for you.

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Chester Work Experience Group

Hi! We are Francesca and Ilaria, two students from Italy and we are here in Chester for work experience.

During this experience we have learnt a lot about Chester and its history, starting by the historic buildings such as the Cathedral and the wall that encircle the city.

Interviewing our friends Solange and Giorgia we have discovered that they have all enjoyed the city.  They have also found interesting their work placement due to the fact that they have the opportunity to improve their English and their personal skills, for example Giorgia works in a beautiful bridal dress shop and thanks this placement she’s improving her manual skills and for her this is useful because she’s attending a fashion school.

(Giorgia hard at work!)

Solange also working in an art and craft shop, where she draws for the shop’s exposition and she’s attending an art school back in Italy.


Talking about host families we can say that they are hospitable, really kind and helpful (and the food is great!)

Last but not least the two girls that we have interviewed think that England have no chance of winning Euro 2016!!

Written by Francesca Luzi and Ilaria Fioravanti

Hairdressing, Beauty and Joinery
It may sound like an unlikely combination of students for 1 group but we recently had the pleasure of welcoming students from Italy who came for 2 weeks to work in Hairdressing and Beauty Salons or Joinery companies. They were the second group from their school that we received this year and both groups were excellent.

The hairdressers shampooed hair, blow dried, tinted and styled. The beauty therapists learnt about how we do the different kinds of therapies in Wales and often had a chance to practise their own skills. Two of the students – Clelia and Virginia – did a great massage for a client at their salon that they got a £60 tip which they shared with each other and the salon owner!

The joiners worked at building furniture, doors, windows or fitting kitchens and two students even helped to build a play structure for children at a local tourist attraction.

All the students in both groups got exceptional feedback for their attitude and work ethic from the companies and their efforts will help students in the future enjoy similar opportunities so thank you to the students and their fantastic group leaders. We really enjoyed having you in Wales!

For donkey’s years

Meaning: For a very long time.
Example: “We’ve known each other for donkey’s years!”
Origin: This phrase was derived in the 1920s from rhyming slang - Donkey’s ears (meaning years). In rhyming slang the last word in the phrase is used to rhyme with the word they mean, for example apples and pears – stairs, dog and bone – phone. It’s thought the fact that donkeys live for a long time helped with the move from ears to years.