Newsletter February 2017

The Conlan School Course Guide

The Conlan School Course Guide demonstrates the broad range of study programmes we can offer you and your students. Through our ever growing network of contacts in the business and educational community, our aim is to provide experiences that will expand knowledge and increase confidence within the culture of Wales and the UK. We hope that during your time with us you and your students can progress personally and positively in every aspect of life!

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What’s on in North Wales
March is a great month to be in Wales. Why? St David's Day for one. It is a day full of children wearing black 'chimney' hats and shawls. Parades of leeks, daffodils, flags of Saint David and herds of red dragons - on flags of course. All in celebration of the patron saint of Wales, St David. And, as winter comes to an end we start to enjoy the increased warmth of spring. Far and wide, a spread of yellow daffodils and birds sing in preparation for those long warmer evenings. Time to get out in Wales, whether walking, running or...watching the 6 nations rugby tournament.

Group from Austria
“In January, Conlan School in Chester welcomed the Kramlovsky group from Vienna in Austria. The students spent one week in Chester completing a fun, action packed week of lessons and activities. The students, with English lessons in the morning enjoyed an interactive workshop at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, spent the day exploring the museums in Liverpool, went to the historic towns of Llandudno and Conwy on the Welsh coast for traditional fish and chips. The students also relaxed with a boat trip down the river Dee which had a disco and karaoke on-board. This group of 40 students were a great pleasure to have in Chester and we look forward to their return in the coming years.”

The Museum of Science and Industry

Work Experience for Mechanics
This month we have welcomed a group of 9 Mechanics and their teachers from Martinique to take part in a work experience project. In addition to the work experience in nine local garages, the group has also been to visit Rhyl College – a local college that teaches Mechanics – to have a tour and talk about the department and meet the lecturers there, plus of course speak to students of their own age. They have also been to Halewood to take part in the Land Rover Experience where the group was taken through the different sections of the car manufacturer to see the process of vehicle production. Despite struggling with the language, they have all received praise for their work ethic and technical skills and are doing a great job. Thanks to Paul Russell and Graham Taylor at Rhyl College and also to the Land Rover team for arranging two great days for the students in which they gained a valuable insight into study and work in the UK.

Idiom of the month
To have one’s head in the clouds, meaning to live in a fantasy.
Example: The girl didn’t learn anything in class because she always had her head in the clouds.