Newsletter October 2017

The Conlan School Course Guide

The Conlan School Course Guide demonstrates the broad range of study programmes we can offer you and your students. Through our ever growing network of contacts in the business and educational community, our aim is to provide experiences that will expand knowledge and increase confidence within the culture of Wales and the UK. We hope that during your time with us you and your students can progress personally and positively in every aspect of life!

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CLIL methodology and Job Shadowing

CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning and refers to teaching subjects such as science, history and geography to students through a foreign language.
The term CLIL was coined by David Marsh, University of Jyväskylä, Finland (1994): "CLIL refers to situations where subjects, or parts of subjects, are taught through a foreign language with dual-focused aims, namely the learning of content and the simultaneous learning of a foreign language."

The Geko Viaggi group weren’t your average group. Over 2 weeks in late September the group of 8 adult teachers were split into two, with one group on an intensive CLIL methodology language programme and the other shadowing and observing the English and Foreign language departments of 2 prominent high schools in Chester and primary schools. The 4 teachers who were job shadowing went with the aim of comparing methodology, practice and to gain a fundamental understanding of the links between primary and secondary education in both the private and state sector. The feedback from all teachers taking part in this prograe was very positive, they felt ‘welcomed’, ‘inspired’ ‘more confident in CLIL’ and ‘it was a top experience, you’ve completely met my highest expectations’. Many thanks to The King’s School of Chester and Blacon High School especially as they really rolled out the red carpet for our Italian clients.

Chester - the most accessible city in Europe

For disabled people, the difference between being able to visit a place and not often comes down to small details. Cities around the world are taking notes from the ancient centre of Chester. Eight out of 10 disabled people say they struggle when holidaying in the UK, It highlights issues with everything from finding accessible hotel rooms to access to bars, restaurants and sightseeing spots.
So when Chester was crowned the most accessible city in Europe this year – the first time in the seven-year history of the Access awards that a British city has been named – it came as something of a shock. The ancient city, famed for its extensive Roman walls and Tudor-style half-timber shopping quarters, is perhaps not an obvious contender for modern disabled access.
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Blood, sweat, and tears

If you refer to something as involving blood, sweat, and tears, you mean that it is a very hard thing to do and requires a lot of effort.
hard work and concentrated effort
The expression 'blood, sweat and tears' is usually said to have been coined by Sir Winston Churchill in his famous "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat" speech in 1940, when he warned the British people of the hardships to come in fighting WWII.
The first occurrence of the expression in print is in Sermons on Various Subjects by Christmas Evans, translated from the Welsh by J. Davis, 1837:
Christ the High Priest of our profession, when he laid down his life for us on Calvary, was bathed in his own blood, sweat and tears.
Example: A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this victory.