Our history

Conlan School is the English language school in Abergele (Wales) and Chester (England).
Conlan School is an original project that couples the teaching of a language with an experience of active communication, in an environment rich in cultural and linguistic stimuli.

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Conlan School opened in 2001 in Abergele, a small North Wales community, where it has developed fruitful relationships with the local "Abergele Youth Action" programme and with the whole local education community, as shown by the “English in North Wales” initiative.

Conlan School refuses the industrial logics that sometimes make this sector impersonal, and insists on paying attention to the individual needs of our students and, thanks to the management skills of its members, on focusing on providing our students with a global experience. This means that the school concentrates on the didactical aspect of its activities, rather than simply on the "tourist" part, always bearing in mind the needs of the students and the importance of the "residential" and logistics factors.
The high quality teaching activities as a whole and the careful choice of host families, as well as our interest in the general welfare of our students all contribute to make a stay here a unique and stimulating experience for our international students.
Conlan School has a consolidated experience as a local Business Centre: this allowed us to create a wide network of contacts with enterprises and institutions, which are recruited to provide additional study and work activities for our students.
In this way, we developed strong partnership building skills, and widened our horizons to include vocational training and school integration in our language courses. Thanks to the skills of our members and management, our customised programs include the most advanced methodologies, such as school integration, Work Experience, C.L.I.L., Shadowing.

In view of the increasing interest in this management philosophy expressed by several international schools and education agencies, Conlan found the perfect place to develop further: Chester, in England.
At the beginning of 2012 we opened our new centre in the city of Chester: the presence of the university and of lively education and business communities, the historical and cultural significance of the town itself and the enthusiasm of our staff and students all contribute in providing an unforgettable and profound experience for our international students so far.