Newsletter January 2011
One of the visits we can organise: CAT - Centre for Alternative Technology

In this day and age the subject of Environment Conservation has been at the centre of many debates all around the world.
In relation to this, one of the visit we are now able to organise is a very comprehensive tour and work shop at the CAT – Centre for Alternative Technology based in Machynlleth, in Mid Wales, a couple of hours from Abergele.
CAT aims to inspire, inform and enable people to live more sustainable lives by offering practical solutions to global environmental problems. CAT includes a visitor centre, as well as consultancy, residential courses, publications, shop and mail order departments, a free information service and is host to the Graduate School for the Environment.
It is definitely a great visit to organise!

Along the line – photographic exhibition
Mostyn Gallery Llandudno – open until May 2011

Like many before him, photographer Darryl Lonsbrough returned to his native north Wales after making a career elsewhere. Taken in and around the strip traced by the north Wales coast railway line, the large-scale colour photographs in Along the Line depict familiar places seen through eyes distanced by time.
Works from Along the Line will be on long-term display in the café and meeting room with the selection changing from time to time. The artist has been supported by the Arts Council of Wales in developing new work for Along the Line.

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra: The German Romantics
Liverpool – 22/01/2011

They were calling it ‘Beethoven’s Tenth’ before he’d even finished composing it. And they weren’t far wrong. Brahms poured everything he had into his mighty First Symphony, a stirring and deeply-felt spiritual journey from tragedy to triumph, crowned with one of classical music’s truly unforgettable melodies. Ludwig would have been proud – but even he took the odd break from storm and stress, and he never wrote anything sunnier or more serenely beautiful than his glorious Violin Concerto. ‘It comes from the heart; may it go straight to the heart’, was how Beethoven put it.
The orchestra will play Beethoven Violin Concerto, Brahms Symphony No.1, conducted by Vasily Petrenko and with Ilya Gringolts at the violin.

Saying of the month: My cup of tea”

Also this month we are happy to share with you the meaning of some of the most used sayings in the English Language.
When we speak in English with someone about our hobbies or interests, for example, or about someone, often we hear the sentence “it is my cup of tea”.
Literally it means something or someone that one finds pleasing.
It is just one of the many tea-related phrases that are still in common use in the UK, such as 'Not for all the tea in China', 'I could murder a cup of tea', 'More tea vicar?', 'Tea and sympathy', 'Rosie Lee', 'Storm in a teacup' and so on.
In the early 20th century, a 'cup of tea' was such a synonym for acceptability that it became the name given to a favoured friend, especially one with a boisterous, life-enhancing nature.
Nowadays it is used mostly in the negative form, as “it’s not my cup of tea” meaning something or someone that one finds unpleasant.