Newsletter March 2011

Wrexham year of Culture

This year is set to be a memorable one with over 300 events making up the exciting programme for Wrexham Year of Culture. To launch the initiative the council has opted for a great flash mob event and an impressive lantern parade in the centre of Wrexham that has seen hundreds of people of all ages involved.

Events ranging from art exhibitions and operas to fashion shows and performances by students of the local Colleges and University will all build up throughout the coming weeks and months leading to the programme’s centre-piece, the internationally renowned Welsh National Eisteddfod starting 30th July. The rich culture, diverse arts and the inspirational heritage that this special area of the UK has to offer ensures there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Learning Week Project – Work in English

Conlan School is happy to announce the success of a recent learning week project entitled ‘Working in English’. Through a blend of business English lessons, workshops and visits to local companies, 30 Italian students from the secondary school ITC Beltrami located in Cremona, not far from Milan, were able to compare and contrast the various business practices and produce a manual of best business practice.
During the week, the programme, which is aimed to develop the students’ knowledge and understanding of businesses and how they are run, gave the students the opportunity to visit different business realities such as the Foel Farm and Chocolate Factory, Anglesey – agrotourism, the Grand Hotel, Llandudno – tourism, and Abergele Youth Action (AYA), Abergele – public funded charity and compare them with similar entities in Cremona.
The students were given presentations, a guided tour and had the chance to interview the manager/owners of the companies. The two workshops the students completed were held by AYA and Rob Popsys.
With AYA the students worked alongside local youths, who benefit from the AYA project, to create their own social enterprise which could help in their own town.

Entrepreneur Rob Popsys owns the business coaching company called “Willcando”. He has been a coach all his life and professionally since 2007. His Post Graduate Business and Personal Coaching Qualifications were achieved through Barefoot Coaching, and he has an MA in Coaching Transitional and Generative Curiosity. His workshop saw the students working together to understand what makes a business successful.
The workshops, visits and business English lessons culminated in the students presenting their manuals in English on the final day.
We are pleased to quote a comment that the students have published on their school’s website: “This experience really changed our beliefs. The people we met, the host families and the teacher were comprehensible and friendly and they respected our needs! We stayed all together so we strengthened the friendship and another important thing was that if we work together we can develop wonderful ideas and this experiences helped us to improve our qualities! We worked really hard but we were happy because we enjoyed a lot working on this project. Experience to be done again!”
Conlan School would like to thank all the companies involved in making this project a success and look forward to collaborating in the future again.

Ysgol John Bright and their “High School Musical-On Stage” Production Llandudno

One of the schools we are proud to cooperate with is the secondary school Ysgol John Bright located in the seaside town of Llandudno, 20 minutes from Abergele.
It is the only English medium high school to serve the town and its hinterland.

Ysgol John Bright s part of our "English in North Wales" initiative.
The school is named after the Victorian radical politician John Bright who came to the town for respite and whose young son was buried here.
After almost one hundred years the school had outgrown its previous premises and in September 2004 the new school opened on a 25 acre site with excellent facilities and it can now accommodate 1450 pupils.
Ysgol John Bright values every individual – all pupils and all staff, teaching and non-teaching as part of the learning community. They aim to provide a stimulating and well-managed learning environment which maximises individual potential and equips pupils of all abilities to meet the challenges of education, work and life in the 21st Century.

Following these values, for the second year in a row the school will present Disney’s ‘High School Musical-On Stage’ featuring a cast and crew of one hundred students and a live band. The production will take place at the Venue Cymru in Llandudno, the main theatre in North Wales.

Saying of the month

This month we find out where the often used phrase “to be fed up” comes from.
Literally it means to have had more than enough of something or someone, or to be bored with or tired of the same.
The expression dates from the early 19th century, when the languid aristocracy were compared to farm animals that were force fed to make them plump for market.
The phrase began creeping into general parlance in the late 19th century and was sometimes emphasized graphically in the extended forms 'fed up to the eyeballs', 'fed up to the back teeth' etc.
In our own time, the best example of being 'fed up' is in the black comedy Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, 1983, in which the bad-tempered and satiated Monsieur Creosote, played by Terry Jones, is induced to eat just 'one more wafer-thin mint', before exploding.