Newsletter August 2011

North Wales Schools' Games - July 2012


Inspired by London 2012 Olympic Games, Conlan School promotes North Wales Schools' Games, in partnership with Ysgol Emrys Ap Iwan and Ysgol John Bright.

North Wales Schools' Games represents a unique opportunity to bring sport education and language learning together and create an inspirational event for international students which will encourage more young people to take part in sport and develop language skills.

North Wales Schools' Games include the sports of rugby, football, volleyball, basketball, netball, dodgeball, swimming, tennis, gymnastics and athletics plus an excellent variety of lessons and activities which enable reciprocal knowledge and cultural exchanges.

Please, find more information on and ... get involved!

Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre
Chester, until 21st August

Returning for a second year, after the fantastic success in 2010, Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre, one of only two full time professional open air theatre companies in the country, has started a season of stunning outdoor theatre in the majestic setting of Grosvenor Park. It is built around an intimate, purpose built picnic theatre, with picnic terraces with space for the public to spread out
This year’s performances are William Shakespeare's “As You Like It” and Glyn Maxwell's “Merlin and the Woods of Time”.
It is
The event is organised by the company “Chester Performs”, professional producer of arts events and projects in and around Chester. They create, produce, and stage theatre, film, music, performance art and spectacular community events.

Learning Week Project – Food & Interculture

Conlan School is happy to announce the success of a recent learning week project entitled “Food & Interculture”.
A group of 20 students from Pavia in the north of Italy arrived here last 3rd July for a week dedicated to learning cultural and culinary habits in UK.

Through a blend of School Integration at the local Emrys Ap Iwan High School, visits to food manufacturing companies and cooking sessions held by professional chefs from the Welsh Culinary Association the students were able to learn about British cuisine and different cooking techniques.
The week ended with the students organising and managing a final event at the Itaca Bistro at the ground floor of Conlan School where the students cooked typical Welsh recipes covering also all aspects involved in the organisation and service of a dining event followed by a power point presentation containing the outcome of the week.
We would like to thank Emrys Ap Iwan for welcoming our students in their classes, the Welsh Culinary Association for giving our students such a great opportunity and all food manufacturing companies that have kindly welcomed our students and allowed them to visit their production lines.

The Beatles: Let it Be Strings
Liverpool Cathedral - 27th August 2011

Following last year’s Beatles Festival highlight, Liverpool Cathedral is delighted to host a Beatles event once again – and something completely different! Join them for a unique experience: an intimate, ‘unplugged’ concert in the spectacular setting of the Well, presented by Liverpool’s own Victoria Sharpe who made such an impact at last year’s concert on both the band and acoustic stages. Joining her are classical musicians and critically acclaimed artists from Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK, playing your Beatles favourites with a classical, ‘lounge’ music and contemporary twist. Acoustic, melodic, intimate and truly chilled ….
Performers include: Victoria Sharpe (UK, piano and voice), Alexandra Hill (UK, violin and band), Penny Ladies (Italy, 4-piece with vocals, piano, double bass and drums), Marco Zappa (Switzerland, guitar, voice and strings), Dario Sorano (Italy, guitar and voice), Qvartiett (Sweden, string quartet).

Saying of the month: “Rest on one’s laurels”

It literally means to be satisfied with one's past success and to consider further effort unnecessary.
The laurels that are being referred to when someone is said to 'rest on his laurels' are the aromatically scented Laurus Nobilis trees or, more specifically, their leaves. The trees are known colloquially as Sweet Bay and are commonly grown as culinary or ornamental plants.
The origins of the phrase lie in ancient Greece, where laurel wreaths were symbols of victory and status. Greeks used to present laurel wreaths to winners in the Pythian Games, which were held at Delphi in honour of Apollo every four years from the 6th century BC.
Following the decline of the Greek and Roman empires, the use of wreaths of laurel as emblems of victory seems to have taken a long holiday and didn't re-emerge until the Middle Ages.