Newsletter December 2011

The Conlan School Course Guide

The Conlan School Course Guide demonstrates the broad range of study programmes we can offer you and your students. Through our ever growing network of contacts in the business and educational community, our aim is to provide experiences that will expand knowledge and increase confidence within the culture of Wales and the UK. We hope that during your time with us you and your students can progress personally and positively in every aspect of life!

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"It’s Not What You Say but What You Do That Matters”
The Influence of Role Modelling in Managers’ Learning to Manage,

Dr Russell Warhurst, Senior Research Fellow, Chester Business School
11th January, 2012

The University of Chester is opening its doors to the public to come and listen to one of its Senior Researchers. Dr Russell Warhurst is Senior Research Fellow in the Chester Business School and is currently leading research projects investigating managers’ informal learning and development, learning engagement and commitment, and the meanings of performance management in the public sector. Russell has published widely in the areas of management practice and manager learning and supervises doctoral research in these and related areas.
In this presentation the contribution of formal business and management education to managers’ practice will be questioned and the influences of informal workplace learning will be asserted. In particular, the presentation will focus on the importance of role models, both positive and negative, in manager development.

Holly Holy Day 2012
Nantwich, Cheshire
21 January 2012

This colourful re-enactment of the Battle of Nantwich has been celebrated by the townspeople of Nantwich since 1644, and the popular re-enactment event has now been running for 40 years.
The town centre is filled with Roundheads, Cavaliers, camp followers, fire eaters and other entertainers of the period as the townspeople of Nantwich celebrate the relief of the Parliamentarian town from besiegement of the Royalist Army during the Civil War. The event is recreated on Mill Island, and is a hugely popular event that attracts crowds from far and wide.
This year’s event will also feature a town crier and performances from the Funky Choir, X academy and The Nantwich Players. Throughout the day there will be music, dancing and street entertainers to entertain the crowds. There will also be a parade of local school children in historical costumes will take place, with prizes on offer for the best costume.
For the more active, there will be a ‘walk and talk’ event led by the Battlefield Trust. The walk will go from Acton Church to the actual site of the battle, which will complete in time for participants to be back in town in time for the Mill Island re-enactment.
This year’s Holly Holy Day promises to be bigger and better than ever – don’t miss out!

Ford Madox Brown: Pre-Raphaelite Pioneer
Manchester Art Gallery – fino al 29 Gennaio 2012

Visit the new exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery, Ford Madox Brown: Pre-Raphaelite Pioneer and discover how this radical Victorian artist changed the face of British painting.
This major show brings together 140 works from public and private collections, including Brown's epic paintings of Victorian life Work and The Last of England. This comprehensive survey of Brown's work champions the pioneering role the artist played in the development of Pre-Raphaelitism and explores how the artist's rebellion against traditionally taught methods led to a completely new, radical and original style.

Saying of the month: “Weasel words”

It literally means “Ambiguous or quibbling speech”.
It has long been a widespread belief that weasels suck the yolks from bird's eggs, leaving only the empty shell. This belief is the basis of the term 'weasel words', used to describe statements that have had the life sucked out of them. The expression refers to words that are added to make a statement sound more legitimate and impressive but which are in fact unsubstantiated and meaningless.