Welcome an international student in your company!

Conlan School is an international language school: we have recently opened a new school in Chester city centre! We organise programmes of study for international students. Our students come from Italy, Spain, France and all over Europe, where a period abroad (usually 3-5 weeks) is a regular part of their school or college curriculum for which they receive credits at the end of their school or college year.

We offer various training programmes and among them, we offer the “work experience programme”: students are carefully selected and they are matched to suitable work placements according to their skills.

Our students can offer many qualities to your organisation, including fresh new ideas or developing projects that the company just has not had time to carry out. They are enthusiastic, hardworking and computer literate. Overall, by offering our students a period of work experience, your business can gain new energy and fresh enthusiasm, as well as a cost-effective flexible solution to your recruitment needs. Our experience has shown that having an international trainee in the workplace is appreciated by staff and adds positively to the work environment.

Currently, we are looking for companies willing to host the following students:

Age : 17 and 18 years old
Period : Wednesday 6th June until Monday 2nd July (3½ weeks)
Sector : administration, education, IT, and retail

Age: 17 and 18 years old
Period: Wednesday 4th July - Monday 30th August (3½ weeks)
Sector: Tourism, administration, hotels

They are all IT skilled and they could help you with admin, back office, general office duties.

We take care of all accommodation and travel arrangements, and our tutors monitor the programme throughout ensuring that both parties are happy. Students also attend a week of orientation and preparation at Conlan School in the week immediately prior to starting their work placement which is designed to ensure that our students hit the ground running at their placements.

There is no cost involved so it is a great idea to get an extra pair of hands on board: on the other hand, it is a great chance for international students to develop their skills and be introduced to the world of work.

The student(s) will be at your disposal for a certain period and will be expected to carry out activities in your company and generally be involved in all aspects of the workplace.

We are looking for companies like yours: whatever the size or capabilities of your organisation, you could reap the benefits from taking students on work experience.

Should you be interested in hosting our students as trainees or need further information, please contact us on info@conlanschool.com or call 01244 325577.

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